Sunshine & Smart Tanning

Sun Gala Guests visit us for a variety of reasons.

SUNBURN PREVENTION : Many who travel to tropical destinations for winter or have destination weddings will choose to build a base tan with us and avoid the risk of UV overexposure. A base tan acts as natural protection against sunburn and increases the effectiveness of sun blocks ( we have those too, see our skincare page).

VITAMIN D: The UVB light emitted in a  sun session triggers natural vitamin D production in your skin. That’s why indoor tanners have higher levels of the “sunshine vitamin” than the general population. A single, full body suntan session makes more vitamin D for most of us than you’d get from 100 glasses of whole milk!

**NOTE** You do not need to become “tan” for your skin to make vitamin D.

HEATLHY GOLDEN GLOWS: The advantage of using a sunbed or booth is the complete control over the intensity and duration of a session. With the right regimen and skin care products we will have you achieving deep, dark results without uneven tan lines and risk of sunburn.


Suntanning isn’t for everyone, if you are concerned with the possible risks but still want a tan check out our sunless services!


To learn more about our  VersaSpa® spray tan and body treatment, click here >

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